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You take them on bike rides and have quality family time

This is not something I normally do but its so fitting to share it with the whole #TransformationTuesday thang an all. So first off I have to say that I take ZERO credit for the hard work, dedication, commitment, motivation, and the amount of excuses that were kicked in the balls for this! SHE did it all on her own!!!! I just guided her! This woman has it on lock down! Frankie Coquillette I have to say there is not a single day that goes by that you don't seize to amaze the living shit out of me! PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART HERE...... You work super full time giving all your effort and heart to other people as an ER Clerk to make sure every single aspect runs smooth and properly ( MUCH RESPECT ). You then come home to raise 2 men ALL on your own! You help them with football practice and are VERY involved in their actives and volunteer your hours towards a better cause. You also make sure your boys are fed and do their school work. You take them on bike rides and have quality family time ( not sitting in front of the tv but activities ) with them! The thing you do that amazes me most is you give ZERO excuses towards getting in the time to workout, eat healthy, and set an example for those boys on the effects of living a healthy life and the importance of staying fit. Because lets face it... its not all about being in shape, its about giving those boys the best possible gift they could ever want.... Their Mother!! What I love MOST is the you have trusted me enough to help guide you along this journey towards your goals as you are SO FREGGIN close to it!! You have trusted my every advice and taken it to heart. You have applied any advice given to you towards your life! You have trusted the community of people you have added that share their love and support as you share your undying LOVE for them as well. You have trusted me so much and seen the incredible potential with this that we have been discussing the NEXT step in this with the ability to pay it FWD to other single moms, as you have shown them already! Again... Frankie Coquillette...... YOU AMAZE me with your GROWTH you have made in the past few months with your mindset, your emotions, your STRENGTH, and your ability to inspire others and show your love for ALL.. I am ALWAYS rooting for you and in YOUR CORNER! TRUST in your ABILITY to do tough shit!! If you’re looking for a sign, HERE IT IS! Let me HELP YOU change your life like this amazing woman has! I have the tools and my inbox is always open for you!

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