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Texas teacher calls police on 6 year old Muslim boy with Down syndrome alleging he's A FREAKING TERRORIST

Texas teacher calls police on 6 year old Muslim boy with Down syndrome alleging he's A FREAKING TERRORIST. People have lost their minds. I am done. I can't. Infuriating. Our poor babies. We love you and we have to figure out how to protect you.
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Clare Azzougarh
01-12-2017, 20:39:19
How does that person even become a teacher?
Linda Sarsour
Linda Sarsour
01-12-2017, 20:39:44
Asking myself the same question.
Phyllis Ryan Jackson
Phyllis Ryan Jackson
01-12-2017, 20:46:28
The police???? Who are we???
Naima Bhana
Naima Bhana
01-12-2017, 21:00:28
A news article I read mentioned she was the substitute, the regular teacher was out. Doesn't excuse the behavior at all but I believe gives a little more background.
Qurratulain Thakur
Qurratulain Thakur
01-12-2017, 21:00:55
This was a substitute teacher...usually they are a parent who volunteer to babysit the class when the regular teacher needs to take a day off. Still not an excuse for calling the cops on a special needs child.
Waheeda Shaik
Waheeda Shaik
01-12-2017, 21:01:28
What a disgusting excuse for a human being. I hope she gets fired immediately.
Clare Azzougarh
Clare Azzougarh
01-12-2017, 21:04:28
Surely she would have had to have spoken with the school administration before taking such extreme action. Also the school has a duty of a care to the children, regardless of the teacher's status - the school hired a substitute who is obviously not fit to be around children at all.
Maria Ahmad
Maria Ahmad
01-12-2017, 22:17:56
Wow these types of teachers are teaching our kids, no wonder there is so much bigotry!
Fer Robalino
Fer Robalino
01-12-2017, 22:48:30
Sarah D. StMary
Sarah D. StMary
02-12-2017, 00:12:53
Unfortunately it’s more common than you would think.
Jett T. Johnson
Jett T. Johnson
02-12-2017, 03:38:21
Because, Texas?
Colby Adams
Colby Adams
02-12-2017, 08:45:38
Good question!
Dorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang
04-12-2017, 23:44:30
Yeah substitute teachers don't need the same qualifications that regular teachers do :/
Nancy Holtgreve
01-12-2017, 20:39:07
This just is not happening to Muslim children with special needs. This is going on across the country. As a mother with a child with serious mental illness. I constantly live with that fear every time I put my son on the bus and send him to school. W...
BigMama Ali
BigMama Ali
01-12-2017, 21:40:43
I'm sad to hear this
Huda Rohaizad
Huda Rohaizad
01-12-2017, 22:32:08
That's soooo sad, you are an amazing mother
Nancy Holtgreve
Nancy Holtgreve
01-12-2017, 22:39:55
Nancy Holtgreve
Nancy Holtgreve
01-12-2017, 22:46:15
Nancy Holtgreve
Nancy Holtgreve
01-12-2017, 23:56:07
Thank you for your support Nawara.
Nancy Holtgreve
Nancy Holtgreve
02-12-2017, 00:57:32
Unfortunately most people don't even know that this is going on in our schools. I think is it important to share these videos on your social media. We must start advocating to protect children with disabilities.
Ahmed Fazly
Ahmed Fazly
03-12-2017, 01:02:48
There are procedures usually in place for "restraining" a child...and I see nothing wrong with that as long as the safety and well being of the child in question or other children are the concerns. This is my very charitable interpretation. But, calling the police on a special needs child and whining that he's a terrorist takes it to whole new low. No possible justification for that.
Cyntoni Miller
01-12-2017, 20:49:48
No. The family needs to sue the school district. Not only is this causing emotional distress I’m sure he has had to miss a day or two(father) dealing with this mess. People won’t learn until their mistakes r causing a liability in their own life. That school has had that child since at least August and knows the child is mute. Sue.
Sarah Hasna
Sarah Hasna
02-12-2017, 08:14:04
So true. Sue sue sue only way to get attn to this serious issue. So much hate towards these special babies.
Omer Aslam
02-12-2017, 20:07:42
Our twins (3.5 year old boy/girl) go to public early learning center... When my daughter and I were talking about who she wants Allah to protect, she included the name of her teacher. Her teacher happens to be a conservative Christian, I told her tea...
Fareeda Pathan
01-12-2017, 22:11:24
My daughter's school adminstration teacher had my parental rights terminated goddamn witches should have been arrested not teaching. Not one person helped me . CAIR NJ idiots 2003 . Nabeela was put for adoption to the goddamn teacher 15 years later my ...
Mohamed M Elnakib
01-12-2017, 21:20:13
This is the lowest of the low .. that teacher needs to face some major consequences for her actions !
Ahmed Fazly
01-12-2017, 21:55:22
I think this conduct breaks the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in so many ways. The parents should file a civil rights complain through the states edu dept against the district and follow up with the federal edu dept's civil rights division if there is no resolution. https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Individuals_with...
Zahra Jafari Baig
01-12-2017, 20:22:23
Plain and simple, teacher is not fit to educate others.
Claudia Ayash
02-12-2017, 06:04:36
She should lose her job and never be permitted to work with children again.
Robin Shaffert
01-12-2017, 20:51:08
This is horrific, beyond words. We also need to ensure that all substitute teachers have the training they need to teach our kids with disabilities. A lot can go wrong in just a day or two. . .
Dina El-Rifai
02-12-2017, 04:15:15
Any leads on ways we can support this family? Linda Sarsour
Christopher Golden
02-12-2017, 04:07:41
Apparently in this country we will accuse anyone of terrorism except those most likely to commit it: adult white males with guns.
Shamael Khan
01-12-2017, 21:47:24
Herr Goebbels must be so proud in his grave. His 1930s and 40s propaganda is alive and kicking today. Sad times we live in.
Kerri Fenwick
01-12-2017, 20:50:23
Here in Kentucky, they have "Resource Officers" in school. In Kenton county, they handcuffed 2 autistic boys...8 years old....
Noora Shalash
02-12-2017, 04:26:18
+1 (281) 485-4024 That's the school's number. Everyone I mean everyone call them. I just called them. They need pressure from everyone around the world. Call now
Adrianna Marino
02-12-2017, 02:41:52
What in the f*ck kind of crazy ignorant fear based shit is this??? Everyday is a borage of more insane racism in America. I am embarrassed to be part of this country at this time....
Nasreen Fatima
01-12-2017, 20:54:47
Unbelievable, and the kid who threatens to kill other kids in school just gets sent to the principal's office...
Azizeh Abdelfattah
01-12-2017, 23:25:33
Wow, calling the police on a child with down syndrome and labeling the child a terrorist. It the police had any sense they should of arrested the teacher.
Laura González
02-12-2017, 09:17:30
It took me forever to even be able to read the article because of the ads. That being said, how freaking hateful do you have to be to make such accusations against a child with such profound problems? “Allah. Boom”? When the kid can’t talk? Fuck this sub.
Amika Zoe Noor
03-12-2017, 16:45:03
You HAVE to be F$@ing kidding me!! It's a CHILD. Even if he COULD speak, would you actually be scared of a 6 year old who say Allah and BOOM?! My head hurts from the stupidity happening in America right now... ‍♀️

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