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Good stuff here, so good...
"When your light is shining bright, you have to make it your mission to stay in that vibration. When your light is shining bright, the moths come out. They bring the veil and try to smother you with it. Whether they are aware of it or not, these people are master manipulators and leave you feeling hopeless, violated and questioning human connection.
There are people who get their energy from high vibe people, like energy vampires. These people are often referred to as narcissists. I believe in duality and that we all have some narcissistic tendencies in us. The thing about true narcissists is that they lack the ability to do the work necessary to curb these behaviors.
A spiritual hijacker feels like they have life all figured out. That they aren’t the problem ever and they will quickly latch on to a new source of energy if the old one is cut-off."
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Devrey Jayne
08-03-2018, 01:05:44
KapowThere it is all laid out on silver platters for us to look at, analyze and see tiny reflections of our self on the tray too, just when you think 'I know one or two people like this'. Super interesting. Much to digest.

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