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Hoi An - The Town Of Romantic Things

 There is a river where many of the old-fashioned chauffeur bodies have sought refuge. And the river carries them at the late afternoon.
Hoai River, the end of the Thu Bon River in Quang Nam, embraces Hoi An ancient town, is such a river.
"Do not walk, walking around the river taking beautiful photos. VND 20,000! "Her voice was trembling, Mrs. Lai had invited the guests, just took the aluminum pan slap water out of the boat. Just stirring the paddle and chewing the betel, she does not need to look at the river, no need to look at the nose boat that is still smooth surf. At the age of 74, over 40 years of navigating this river, Ms. Lái belonged to each water.

Sunset on Hoi An ancient town
Sunset on Hoi An ancient town
"My parents gave birth to me at the end of this river, Truoi beach near Cua Dai beach! Then war, disorder, sickness, grandparents died soon, brothers also died, I rowed on this river from liberation to the first, "- she said.
Boat back in the gentle way through the An Hoi Bridge and then straight to the bridge. There, nearly a dozen boats with women wearing conical hats are waiting for guests.
Two visitors stepped through the boat Ms. Quyen, then boat slowly upstream towards the bridge. Ms. Quyen looks older than Ms. Lai, but her figure is still fast. Laughing with only two missing teeth at the end of her lips, Ms. Quyen spoke in English with Quang's voice and handed her two fingers: "Hee! Give two dollars! "
Ms. Lai said that the life of Ms. Quyen was less fortunate than many women drifted to this river. No husband, no children, orphaned on a bamboo boat from the age of twenty.
We followed her to the house, the neighbors also came to visit. Ms. Dang Thi Huong said that Mrs. Lai's small house was the place where many women rowed at the river.
"In the winter, some women plugged in and went to play. In the summer, this low house is too hot, three or four women go to the boat to plug the pole at the river bed, "she said. There was a rain in the middle of the night, three four women hugged each other from the river to the house.
In the winter, when the water from Thu Bon source falls to the flooded streets of Hoi An is also the boating season of the women are expensive. "He loves water. Water flooded Tran Phu Street, Bach Dang that he climbed the boat to protect himself paddle around to take pictures, "she said.
In the same ward, the lives of coastal and underwater residents are separated. If Hoi An's onshore residents own priceless old houses, with an average income of several thousand dollars a year, boaters have the ability to bubble up.
However, they are one of the "highlights" of Hoi An - The Town Of Romantic Things. Without them the river became desolate. Obviously, these old women are part of the soul of the river.
There are no drivers of the age of this car, nor of the river, the ferry, the street corner and the luggage in the streets of moss, Hoi An is no longer Hoi An anymore, and then You have a reason to give up your love for this heritage city.

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