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Have you noticed

Have you noticed...
The only people that will judge you for having a go in life are those that are unhappy, insecure, selfish and bored with their own life.
Think about it.
Happy people are too busy being happy & making others happy.
Secure people are too busy getting the most out of their day & helping others do the same.
Exciting people are too busy talking about exciting things, getting others excited to do exciting things.
Giving people are too busy helping others.
So if people judge you for having a go or making a positive change in your life in 2018.
Let them.
It's a reflection of them not you.
Striving to reach goals, bettering yourself and your families health in all aspects of life and striving to improve oneself are healthy attributes that you should be commended upon for possessing not brought down on.
You just be and do you this year!
I thought i'ld re-share this as we ramp up the New Year!
Wishing everyone well in 2018!
And for those who DM'd me about my NEW Recipe Book! You can check it out here: https://goo.gl/JusywT
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Cynthia LeBron
02-01-2018, 15:49:01
Lol, thought you were proposing to a lucky lady. Then I saw the little guy.
David Pow Tabain
David Pow Tabain
02-01-2018, 15:49:34
Fredrik Berglund
02-01-2018, 15:56:53
Great Energy David
Catherine Wilkinson
02-01-2018, 16:17:28
Me too!
Tania Young
02-01-2018, 16:28:18
So very true David, I totally agree. We only get 1 go at it
Chris Kouros
02-01-2018, 17:37:55
Well said bro’
Rebecca Miller
03-01-2018, 07:00:09
Love it. So true I’m to busy making great stuff happy and loving life.
Mark Cammareri
03-01-2018, 03:40:00
So true brother..POW!
Maxine Smith
03-01-2018, 17:04:35
Amanda Kenny

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