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04h00: Car and HDV Hanoi Tourist Company (Hanotours) pick you up at the meeting point depart Noi Bai Airport - Hanoi, you check-in procedure VJ491 departure to Buon Ma Thuot at 07h40.
09h30: Arrive at Buon Ma Thuot airport, transfer to visit Tay Nguyen Ethnic Minority Museum - This place hosts many unique antiquities and cultures of the mountains, visit and photograph at the war monument. Buon Ma Thuot. Continue to visit Wat Doan Pagoda was built in 1951 on Phan Boi Chau street in Buon Ma Thuot City by Doan Huy Hoang Thai Hau mother King Bao Dai for construction and Nam Phuong Hoang Hau directly responsible for managing the work. construction. It is the last temple in Vietnam that is characterized by feudalism. The pagoda has been supplemented with many new works, but still remains the same old temple and remains the largest Buddhist sanctuary in Daklak and is an unforgettable sightseeing destination in the city. Buon Ma Thuot.
Afternoon: Arrive for lunch at the restaurant, then back to hotel to rest.
Afternoon: Car and HDV delegation to Buon Don. Come to Don village you free try feeling overlap on elephant back, visit the village or cross the river Sreed (cost self). Visit the ancient house of the waterloo survived more than 120 years, heard about the legend of Ama Kong (king hunting and rearing elephants). Guests can walk or bike ride Yok Don national forest, ride the elephant through the forest and visit the village, visit the bridge over the island of Ây No longer than 500m.

Buon Ma Thuot attracts tourists in Any time of the year
Buon Ma Thuot attracts tourists in Any time of the year
18h30: Dinner at the resort. Car to visit the hotel, free to roam discover and enjoy Ban Me Thuot cafe, overnight at the hotel.
07h00: Breakfast. Delegation to the hotel, bus tour to visit the coffee village of Trung Nguyen here you visit and hear the introduction of coffee processing. How to distinguish the types of coffee. Visiting the scenery in the tourist ... shopping. Continue Folk Music Via Travel to the car to visit Dray Nu one of the most majestic waterfall in the Central Highlands with water column higher than 30m and stretches nearly 100m, majestic and lyrical true to the legend of the West. Original.
Lunch: Have lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Car and HDV Hanotours depart the delegation to Pleiku city on the way to visit the tour group and listen to HDV introduction of the delegation passing through such as Pleiku, Plei me, Chu P'rong, Ham Rong, Chu Se, Nhon Hoa, Ayun Pa, Thuan Man, Cheo Reo, Phu Bon, Ea Đang, Buon Ho, Dutch Pass ... Arrive in Pleiku city.
19h00: Have dinner at the restaurant. After dinner party tour to visit Pleiku city center, enjoy coffee, overnight at the hotel.
Morning: Breakfast at the hotel, you pay hotel room, car and tour guide HDV tour:
Kon Tum jar: Historical monuments of the Kon Tum prisoners were French colonialists built to house political prisoners, our revolutionary soldiers in the period from 1930 to 1931. Visiting this historical monument, Visitors will see a complex of architectural complexes including memorial houses, traditional houses, guest houses, monumental indomitable clusters and two mass graves located on the banks of the windy Darbar.
Kon Tum Bishops' Residence: An architectural work combining Western architecture with traditional indigenous architecture. The bishop's office, visitors can slowly walk, feel The fragrance of bouquet of flowers, explore the traditional house where is considered as a small museum displaying the living utensils, tools of the indigenous peoples.
Kon Tum Cathedral (Kon Tum Kon Tum Church) is an architectural monument built by a French priest in 1913. Located in the heart of the city, The course is built by hand, combining Roman style and Bana style house floor. The main material for the church is wood, the walls are built of soil mixed with straw. Although a century has passed, the Kon Tum Presbyterian Church remains stable, and is a popular tourist destination in Kon Tum.
Lunch: Have lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Visit Pleiku eyes - Lake T'Nung: Lake T'Nung (Lake Lake) is a famous destination of Pleiku Mountain. In Jura, T'nong means "sea on the mountain". This lake is formed from a crater that has stopped working. With an area of ​​about 280 hectares, this is the largest freshwater lake in the Central Highlands. Visiting T'Nung lake, visitors will be exploring the winding road between the green pines, the carpet of wild flowers yellow gold glamorous. Watch the sunset on Lake T'Nung.

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