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Alex has a new toy

Alex has a new toy. It's a transparent, bright orange sphere with a squeaky yellow ball bobbling around inside. It gives him (and us) hours of fun as we chase it along the forestry track high above the road. This morning, it landed within inches of a boar run which goes down the almost vertical slope. Luckily, Alex grabbed it before the game reached its logical conclusion. Imagine the insurance claim—not to mention the media coverage—"I was driving along this quiet country road at six am," said Joe Bloggs, (56) "when a glowing UFO with a spherical yellow alien inside came out of nowhere, and flew straight in front of me!"  Get Up To $25 OFF Any Size Car When The Base Rate Is At alamo car rental coupons 50 off. Book now!
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Joy Lennick
07-03-2018, 10:55:31

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